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A mixed variety of North and South Indian food, we provide our customers a taste of the real Indian delicacies that will leave you savoring the experience for days encouraging you to come back yet again!

Our cuisine consists of a diverse mixture of flavors and tastes and reflects a variety of culture, racial structure, geography and climate. Fine cooking revolves around the appropriate blend and use of a wide variety of aromatic spices. Hotel Harsha brings to you, the satisfaction of eating through its rich and selective variety of food. Most of our dishes are from the southern and northern region of India. 

Each entree is made in a traditional way, starting with the roasting and grinding of assorted spices. These spices are then blended to enhance rather than overwhelm the basic flavor of each dish. Our bread is made in the "tandoor", and indigenous clay oven. Our kababs are also cooked in the tandoor which gives it an exquisite flavor while maintaining its tenderness. We welcome you to Hotel Harsha and hope that our selection of food and quality of service provide you with an unforgettable dining experience.

Our Speciality:

Melting Pot – Authentic Vegetarian Cuisine (From the Belsons TajMahal group)

Discover the pleasure of a spicy Biriyani from the kitchen that serves equally exciting Andhra delights. This is where Schezwan flavours do a tango with robust Punjabi aroma. Freshness and quality driven, every effort is made to ensure your experience is a pleasurable one.

We are also specialized in tandoori, curry and vegetable dishes and serves good quality dishes including fresh vegetables.

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